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[18 Oct 2003|07:05pm]

[ mood | irritated and itchy ]

They are both following me. I have ignored them.

The landscape seems to have finally chosen a single theme. A few hours ago, I arrived at the edge of a massive field of wheat. It is larger than any I have ever seen.

I am beginning to believe that I am no longer on the peninsula. There is not enough room for all the things I have seen. This must be the other side of the mountain range.

The mainland.

This field is getting irritating. I can only move through it by cutting down swathes of wheat with my sword, which is beginning to dull. The only visible edge is at the horizon. At least the sun is behind me.


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New Places [10 Oct 2003|03:33pm]

[ mood | cautious ]

Poor kid....
I didn't mean to take him here, but there was nowhere else to bring him.
The world is not the same as I remember.
Something happened—the world changed.
I'm not completely certain as to what happened, so much as I’m certain that something happened.

The little glass prison that was Saburo’s home is in a state of frenzy, at least in the upper levels of society—namely, the Government. No one knows what’s going on. People are able to leave the city limits without detection. The headsets everyone is instructed to wear are no longer able to keep track of every person and many are becoming lost in the organized chaos that no one seems quite aware of. The city itself is running on reserve power, even if no one knows it. There are rumors—many rumors—and none of them I like. Pretty soon, the discrepancies will become more noticeable. I'm not sure I want to know what'll happen to that city once people discover the truth...

Saburo and I have been traveling from country to country with the use of my bike and the old junker of a ship I got from a man who owed me a favor a couple years back. The problem is that the countries I once knew are no longer there, having been replaced with strange and foreign lands I have heard of only in rumors, if at all.

I did a lot of traveling a few years ago, but it was restricted to those lands that didn’t seem to mind foreigners, which were rare and few between.

This country we are in now—I’m not certain where it is or what it is, other than the fact that there seem to be humans, though their dress is much different—more primitive, perhaps—than our own.

Saburo, poor kid, is suffering from this new wave of emotions overwhelming his senses.
His headset is useless, now that we’re so far away from the city.
He’s probably cried himself to sleep the past three nights, the pain and chaos just too much to handle.

Animal emotions, I’m told, hit an empath almost as hard as do human ones. Depending on the creature, they may strike him even more deeply than a human’s.
The forest that surrounds this city, strange city that it is, is filled with strange animals—insects and cat-like beings the most common we’ve seen. I’m sure they’re some sort of mutant hybrid or the likes….
I’ve seen strange things in my life, but these are some of the stranger….

The city itself is in poor condition. Half the buildings have been destroyed and now lie in a mess of metal and wiring, now covered over with this even stranger forest with its odd creatures.
I haven’t seen many people since we’ve been here, which is fine by me.
Saburo suddenly tugs on my shirt and points to somewhere in the shadows of the buildings, the ones that are actually whole.

“There’s someone hiding, Takeshi,” he says softly.

I can see the faint outline of a person, and I wonder why Saburo would point him out—at least, I think it’s a man.

“His colors are all funny and his music is so strange,” the kid mumbles.

“How so?” I ask in a hushed tone, slowing the speed of the bike.

“He can’t be human… there’s something feral about his song, Takeshi…. And his colors are all wrong. I’ve never seen a human with his sort of colors.”

I’m about to speed off, uncomfortable with where this is going, when we’re spotted.

“Well, there’s no point in running now,” I think ruefully.

I ready myself, just in case we’ve found an enemy.


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[06 Oct 2003|08:51pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

I wipe the blood from my mouth as I push myself to my knees with a small groan. My ribs are bruised. I force myself to extend all of my groggy senses and quickly find two rapidly cooling bodies dressed in the same nondescript gray clothing that I myself wear. Sen and Jaje. I say a quick prayer, commending their souls to Sea, and then laugh at my force of habit: they were assassins sent by the Captain to kill me; and damned good assassins at that, considering the condition I'm in. I trained them well. I get to my feet, and resheath my sword in its cane. Stretching my senses once again, I notice what I missed the first time. . . the dune that I am standing on. . the dune that Sen and Jaje chose to be my grave is surrounded by an ocean of trees unlike any I have ever seen. The tang of salt is missing from the air, replaced by smells that I have never smelled. The rhythmic sound of waves, that accompanies every being in the Lyonesse Islands from cradle to grave and beyond, is gone, replaced by a cold wind and the strange cries of strange birds. I knew my life was forfeit when the Masters of the Islands found my secret, I knew that I would be shipless, unable to truly call any port, home. But this. . . the be banished from the Sea altogether? To never be accepted into her final warm embrace? To be damned for eternity? And what of the third? The Masters of Lyonesse always send out a pair of assassins. . . and one to follow after. . . the best one, in case the other two fail. . . where is the third? I scan the area again, and pick a random direction. I grab a handful of sand and put it in my pack before I step off of the dune that was to be my grave. Now, I have truly become an Exile, rootless homeless, shipless. . .


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[05 Oct 2003|11:51pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

The humans stalked me, using methods I have never seen humans use. They used good methods. They talked to the trees, to the ground, to the animals. They were humans who did not shy from touching the earth. But their weapons were inferior. As rabbitly frightened as my humans are (though if they were really mine I would have taught them to respect the pack long ago), their weapons are always the strongest.

I have found normal city. I entered it on my own, but only because I had to. I do not want to be in a place like this without a pack, and I am not looking for a partner, but I could not stay in those human-infested forests or live in the bizarre landscapes in between. I do not remember what happened exactly a few days ago, but it looks like my pack was not the only one affected. Except this city. As usual, these humans refuse to let anything interrupt their life. Even if half their city (I can see some buildings split in two, metal and wire poking out) has been replaced with a forest like I have never seen before.

That is the forest I came in on. It is full of bugs and funny animals that yelled and screamed at me. A huge cat, bigger than any wood lynx, tried to attack me. It was wet but as I went it, it got drier. It is dying, smells of it, which is how I know it is not supposed to be in this city.

I am in human form now. Trying to stay in shadows of buildings and ignoring the lovely scents of meat around me. I ate a human once; they taste well enough going down, rich and fatty, but they stay in the stomach, gelatinous and undigesting. I get a stomach ache.

Long Claw ///

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[06 Oct 2003|05:06pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

Owww! I wake to a great pain shooting through my side. I mange to find the strength to steal a glance at my side, only to find a sharp stick pushed deep into my flesh. I reached down to side and rip the stick out of my side with a great cry. I try to survey my surrounding but nothing looks familiar to me! The last thing I remember was cooking dinner for the family when all of a sudden the whole world began to tremble and quake! What could have happened, where is this place I have found myself in. The only thing I can conclude from my surroundings is that I am alone. It hits me all to fast; I have never been alone before! After the pain starts to go down I try to actually determine how much damage there was to my side. To my great surprise there was hardly any blood coming from the wound, which makes this a lot easier to evaluate how deep it went. What! It is only a few inches deep and didn’t seem to hit anything vital. I get to my feet and try to see if there was anything edible around to eat or any rivers to try and clean my wound. To my luck can hear the faint sound of running water. I run to find it only it was a lot farther then I suspected. This place looks so dead it is hard to believe that there is a river near, maybe my mind so playing games with me. After running for about a mile I come to what appears to be a clean river. I wade until the current is too hard to stand comfortably in. The water brings a sharp sting to my open flesh after rinsing the earth for my tunic, which is now stained with blood; I take the water skin from my belt and fill it with fresh water. I turned and noticed there are two people down the river a ways. I get out of the river thinking I will go and see where they might be heading. When all of a sudden the ground began to tremble, I turn just in time to see a huge creature hover over the river heading right for them. I quicken my pace to try and get a better view of what is about to happen, after a short battle the creature is slain, but I think the woman that kill it is wounded. I start to approach them when I can’t believe my eyes she healed herself!

~^~ Farle

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[01 Oct 2003|09:03pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I give up and retreat back to wolf form. Even as a human I am unable to detect anything familiar. There is no scent in the wind or the ground that I recognize. Even the structure I find myself in is foreign. Square boulders, fit together in the shape of a human building but smelling of wet rock, like an empty den. No scent of plastic, no crackle of electricity latent in the walls. What kind of half breed built this place? And in the presence of forest? No human in his right mind would find shelter in the forest--that is our domain.

Although, this forest is not my particular domain. No scent, no mark, no pack. We have been separated. I pace the rough floor, anxiety rising, finding no comfort in the scant familiarity of claw clicking on rock, because around me hang human carpets, disintegrating with age. Have the humans overrun this area? Chased out whatever pack lived here and built this mocking fortress?

A scent.

Humans approach. I flee.

Long Claw ///

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The Open Road... [01 Oct 2003|07:59pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

The landscape is grey and desolate against the bleak sky bereft of clouds or sun.

The road is clear of the surrounding debris I see to the right and left of me. Wind-beaten skeletons of once-mighty structures now left in ruin remain as testaments to whatever disaster it was that claimed this area.

No one knows what is on the outside of the city entombed in its glass dome with artificial skies. Clearance to leave the city is difficult to attain and rare. The majority of people who do, leave by jets to wherever it is they go. They never talk about what they see or where they go. This city has no past and no future. It will constantly remain in the present neither moving forward nor glancing back.

It's cold...
I shiver against Takeshi's back as the wind tears through me. His jacket provides me small comfort.

His calm is soothing and I find myself in a state more peaceful than I can remember ever having been in.
It's a wonderful feeling--being away from the tumultuous frenzy of the people's emotions constantly battering against the walls of my senses.

The city was merely noise, and it is wonderful to listen to something other than the brash and dissonant chords that resounded through the concrete streets, the annoying buzzing of people constantly fluctuating in volume against the background.

Out here on the open road, I am touched only by Takeshi's music and my own. I allow his to overpower the weak sonority of my own song.

Takeshi's music is fiery and spirited, yet darkened with an underlying feeling of foreboding and unrest. His colors, the ones that I remember, were vibrant and full of life, my own, pale and dreary. My song is a melancholy and dismal tune, disheartening to listen to, but will be pleasant to hear once I am able to heal myself. If I can only get away, I can forget all the troubles that city has caused me.

"You okay back there, kid?" he calls out, his voice being caught and carried off by the wind to fall behind us.

I nod against his back, tucking my fingers inside the sleeves of his jacket.

"Another day or so and we'll hit the port city," he tells me.

I have never seen the ocean except in vids and in virtual-readers. I have always wondered what it might smell like, what being immersed in an unknown depth of water must feel like. I wonder what song the ocean will play for me, if it will truly be as blue and as green as I have seen.

I cannot wait to leave, to escape this place, this ill-fated wasteland of desolation with its glass tomb of dreamless hopes and hopeless dreams.

I will find a place to call my very own where the only songs I will hear and the only colors I will see will belong to me and to the trees and the wind and the rain.


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[26 Sep 2003|02:17pm]

I have found a river. It is flowing through a sea of strange, flat, cracked rock, but it looks clean.

I approach the edge when I see a body hidden in the undergrowth of a large pine tree. I drag it out and kick it, checking for signs of life.

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[24 Sep 2000|11:14pm]

[ mood | determined ]

It's 'so long' to the open road and into the organized chaos of the city. I can see why Saburo hates this place. I hate it too. These people are so content to have their very thoughts controlled in the name of keeping peace. This government is a tyranny and people are so ready to turn a blind eye to it. They're fools, all of them. But I'm not here to conspire against the government or start a revolution, not that I haven't thought about it, but Saburo comes first, poor kid.

I've known Saburo since the time when he was in his mother's womb. I'm the one that drove her to the hospital, while her husband was at home drinking, as had become his accustomed life-style.

Saburo is not the third son, as is implied by his name. His drunken father named him that. He's got himself two brothers, one older and one younger, by five and three years respectively, as well as an older sister by two years. He had a harsh life, courtesy of the bastard who called himself his father. His siblings were as kind to him as they could be, but their father was a very controlling man. He worked for the government. I wonder if there is a connection there?

I see Saburo as I draw near the park. There's a large stone fountain that shoots up sprays at timed intervals. He's sitting on a bench, dressed in grey and black. The look on his face is content, but his eyes look sullen, and the pale green I remember seems darkened with only gods know what.
He rises as I park my bike. I motion for him to come over.

"Saburo," I smile. "You've grown."
"It's been a long time, Takeshi-san," he replies softly.
His voice has always been soft.
"San?" I ask, raising an eyebrow.
He looks startled, but then smiles. It's a tentative smile at best, but at least he smiled. It's a rare occurence for him, I know.
"Takeshi-kun," he then says.
"It has been a long time, hasn't it," I say thoughtfully.
I motion for him to sit behind me.
"Ready to go?"
A dark look comes over his face and he nods.
Poor kid.
"Hang on tight," I call back, as I take off at startling speed.
I love the feeling of the wind whipping against my face. Saburo buries his face in my back, wrapping his arms tightly around my waist. I chuckle.
'Don't worry, kid,' I think. 'I'll get you away from all these people and their emotions. I know how much they bother you. I'll get you as far away as I can.'
No one deserves to have grown up like Saburo was forced to. That headset he wears is the only thing that kept him alive, but I know that he must hate it. The only way to get past all of this is to make a new start, and I can offer him that chance.

"If I ever asked, would you take me away from here?"
Startled blue eyes look into those of pale green.
A grin spreads across the elder's face.
"That's a promise, kid. You ever need a ride outta here, don't hesitate to call."
A small smile.
"Take care, kid."
A gloved hand rustles a head of blonde hair.

I made a promise to you, Saburo.
I keep my promises, and this one is no different.


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[24 Sep 2003|07:03pm]

[ mood | scared ]

I wake up to the sound of a baby's cry.

A feeling of happiness engulfs me, and I think that Lea has finally given birth to her first son. I can't wait to be fully awake and meet him.

But when I open my eyes I can't see my sister Leaida, nor anyone I know around. I don't even know where I am. This is not my home, not my beautiful river with the high water fall, not even the green forest that surrounds our territory. All around me I see mountains of ice and trees of steel. I don't know this place, and the noise that I can hear around me is hurting my ears.

The baby I hear is not here. I'm scared, I can still hear him crying, but now I can hear a lot more. And everything is in my head, voices screaming and trying to catch my attention. I hear their pleas for help, but I can't help them.

I want to go home, I need to go home. This is the first time I've been outside our territory, they forbid me to leave or the voices of the outside world would drive me crazy.

They said that a Seer should never leave the river. That a Seer would die outside the river. I don't know where I am, but I have to go back.

I need to go back.

I'm scared.

- Mislleiss -

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[23 Sep 2000|08:47pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

The tall metal buildings filled with bright white and yellow lights glare down at me as I walk the crowded streets to the Metro. There are so many people here. Too many. Their emotions are chaotic and uncontrolled. It is difficult listening to each one.
Because of this headset, emotions now come to me in pitches and sounds. Before, they came in colors and wild, chaotic noises. Now there is no color, and the sounds are dampened greatly. But I hate it, because I know that they're there. The headset simply creates a wall. It does not eliminate the emotions. They are still there. That's why I am glad to finally be leaving this metallic jungle. I just hope Takeshi gets here soon. I want to be rid of this technology and these people with their torrential emotions. I just want everyone to leave me alone. Takeshi promised to take me away from here, and he is the only one that I trust, so I will go with him wherever he wants to go, as long as it is away from everyone else.
I just want to be alone.
Why is that so difficult to understand?


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[23 Sep 2003|03:38pm]


It's too warm out here to be wearing a cloak at all, let alone a hood over my face, but I can't stand the sunlight in my eyes a moment longer, and I can't stand to leave the garment behind. I sigh. I've been too accustomed to the air conditioned dimness of my temple for too many years to walk about freely in the sunlight.

Maybe it's good you're out of there, Riwn suggests.

Maybe you never should have awakened me, I reply, somewhat petulantly.

Then you would have joined me, he reminds me.

So? Smothering isn't the worst way to die. I'm still looking for a way down off this ridge and out of the blazing sun, and following the sound of running water, I believe, is my best option. The problem is that my shoes and clothes are not meant for outdoor travel, and I have to move carefully over the rocks and through the unfriendly foliage to keep from hurting myself.

You should have stayed put, then, Riwn is saying complacently. Of course he doesn't care whether I live or die, and in truth it makes very little difference to me as well, except--

I have to find Touin. I thought the mountains were supposed to be colder when you were higher up? So why is it so unbearably hot up here?

Why should you be surprised that things aren't the way you expect in the real world, lady never-leaves-her-temple?

He does have a point; I've been assuming all along that the height to which my temple was mysteriously relocated is one of those that overlooks the valley in which it used to sit -- but I suppose it could be any mountain anywhere for all I know. Still, I am Chrishtai, I reply, surveying the little cleft in the ground before me. Will that lead me down to the water? It looks like it's going to be filled with uncomfortable plant-life after not too long, but I think that's the way to go. The 'real world,' the world of the living, holds no interest for me, except for Touin. Whatever that was that happened two days ago affects me very little.

You say so, Riwn replies, but you were quite shaken when I found you in the ruins of that temple of yours.

Only because everyone else there had died, I reply as I begin to scramble down the cleft, and they were all pestering me to know what had happened. As if I know what happened beyond that things were just suddenly... wrong... and chaotic... and moving... Just because I am Chrishtai doesn't mean I have the answers to everything, but acolytes, even dead ones, seem to think me much more powerful than I am.

My foot slips suddenly, and with a shriek I go sliding down the cleft through a mess of foliage that tears my clothes and skin, whips my face and eyes, and evades my grip as I struggle to catch myself. I was correct about one thing, at least; the miniature valley does, in fact, lead to the river I've been hearing from above: its end dumps me into it from a height of at least five feet, in fact. My mouth fills with water and my severely scratched skin stings as I plunge into the river, flailing for any kind of handhold. It's deep and cold -- even after I've been complaining about the heat of the sun and my cloak, unpleasantly cold.

Calm down, Riwn is telling me, and I suppose that's easy for him to say. He didn't drown, so he can't know what an unpleasant way to die it is, but I've heard all about it. My cloak is tangling my legs and keeping me from effectively propelling myself towards shore, and I can't seem to get my head above the water. Of course, the fact that I've never been swimming in my life doesn't help. The last thing I'm conscious of is Riwn's rueful remark, Guess I'll be seeing you soon, then.


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[23 Sep 2003|11:48am]

I rise and shake the sand out of my hair. I was not pleased by the prospect of sleeping in a dune, but considering my encounter with that strange tentacled creature yesterday, camouflage was necessary.

It would have helped if the beast hadn't regrown every limb it lost.

The landscape still baffles me; desert and forest, grass to pebble, interlaced with a swiftly melting snow tundra. Some acolyte has angered their deity (or all the gods) and they have thrown the world into disorder as punishment.

It matters not--I reach to the back of my neck and gently touch the small tattoo at the base of my hairline--Mother is alive and uninjured and east of here.

I strike out, following a red shale plateau though a smouldering blue marsh, keeping my hand ready by my sword.

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